Ah yes, today I've made it through another year. And with another year, I am accompanied with a few new friends named Wrinkles, Grays & Whiskers. But the one I genuinely look forward to is Wisdom, who greets me every year with a few new things. And these are the things I am learning at age 26.

• 26 •

Sometimes, you got to be selfish. You should apply your oxygen mask first, in order to help those around you.

• 25 •

Do what you love & become a master of it. Life is too short to waste it on things you are not passionate about.

• 24 •

Success comes through perspiration. Keep doing, making & creating.

• 23 •

Struggle & hardship may be painful. But it's the best opportunity you'll ever encounter to make you stronger and build you character.

• 22 •

Be comfortable & confident with who you are from your strengths & down to your weakness. Embrace it.

• 21 •

It's okay to be weird, strange & quirky. It's who you are. Again, embrace it - all of it.

• 20 •

And sometimes, it's okay to be naive. it's a sign of hopefulness & optimism.

• 19 •

Stop complaining. Go out & fix what you aren't satisfied about.

• 18 •

Know exactly what you want & what your heart desires. Believe and know you can obtain it, take action & you shall receive.

• 17 •

And if you didn't get it, understand how your next path could even be a better opportunity for you.

• 16 •

You are what you eat. From the food you consume, the things you read & watch, the people you hang out with to the overall environment you surround yourself with.

• 15 •

Be selective of your friends. Some will drag you down & some will lift you up.

• 14 •

In your life you will need a few mentors, if they don't find you - find them. They will guide you, support you and encourage you in the right direction.

• 13 •

You can't learn if you don't teach, share & inspire others. Your life is like a river; wisdom & knowledge needs to flow out for more to flow in.

• 12 •

Wit & humor is a more memorable & approachable style for communication & confrontation. Use it.

• 11 •

Acknowledgement & feedback is important, especially positive feedback. Give them out to peers, friends, family members & especially to strangers.

• 10 •

A content relationship exist only when the man is respected & when a woman is cherished.

• 09 •

It is absolutely important to find balance in yourself and relationships - mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually.

• 08 •

Be appreciative to what you have and to those around you. You'll attract positive energy, events, and people in your life.

• 07 •

Be appreciative of nature and be inspired by it. Seriously, you won't find anything more beautiful.

• 06 •

Your day is longer than you think. Just prioritize what's important and what you value in your time.

• 05 •

People before tasks, projects and chores. Because relationships last while everything else gets forgotten.

• 04 •

God & your family really loves you. You are their prizes possession and it's your responsibility to make them proud & learn from their experiences.

• 03 •

Courage & confidence is sexy. Be bold.

• 02 •

Knowledge & wisdom is attractive. Find ways to expand your mind by asking questions, listening & observing in various parts of the world..

• 01 •

Consider everyday your birthday. Because everyday is a gift. Appreciate it & love it.